Additional file 1: of Differences in neurotropism and neurotoxicity among retrograde viral tracers

Figure S1. Comparison of mono-synaptic labeling between rAAV2-retro and RV-∆G under Cre expression in Ai9 reporter mice. (A) Schematic diagram of virus injection into the LHA of Ai9 reporter mice. (B, C) Both rAAV2-retro-Cre-tagBFP and RV-∆G-Cre-tagBFP were accurately injected into the LHA. (D-E’) Intense labeling was observed in the mPFC (Cg1+PrL) following injection of rAAV2-retro-Cre-tagBFP (D, D’), while weak labeling was observed in the NAc (D, D”) and PVN (E, E’). (F-G’) No mPFC labeling was observed following injection of RV-∆G-Cre-tagBFP (F, F’), which was capable of labeling neurons in the NAc (F, F”) and PVN (G, G’). Red, tdTomato expressed by rAAV2-retro-Cre-tagBFP- or RV-∆G-Cre-tagBFP-labeled cells; blue, DAPI. Scale bars = 1 mm for B-G; 200 μm for magnified images. (TIF 4110 kb)