Additional file 1: of Description and characterization of a novel live-attenuated tri-segmented Machupo virus in Guinea pigs

Impact of the mutation L166G on the viral polymerase main functions. BHK-21 cells were transfected with plasmids expressing the minigenome (MG), the MACV nucleoprotein (NP) and the wild-type AY619642 (L) or the 166G-mutated (E166G) polymerase in conditions previously published [11]. The plasmid expressing the MACV polymerase was replaced by a plasmid expressing the mCherry in the negative control. Three days post-transfection, the Gaussia Luciferase expression in the supernatant solution was evaluated using the Gaussia luciferase assay kit (New England Biolabs). Asterisks denote significant differences with control (P < 0.05, one-way ANOVA with the Bonferroni correction, **** ≤ 0.0001). (PDF 313 kb)