Additional file 1 of Decreased expression of a phagocytic receptor Siglec-1 on alveolar macrophages in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Additional file 1: Figure S1. CD206 is a marker for alveolar macrophages in human lungs. A representative image of sorted FSChi/SSChi/CD45+/CD206+ cells by Diff-Quick stain. An error bar, 50 μm. Representative immunostaining for CD206 in lung tissues of control never-smokers (CNS, upper images), control ex-smokers (CES, middle images) and COPD ex-smokers (COPD, lower images). Right images are highly magnified images from each rectangle in left, corresponding images. Scale bars indicate 50 μm (left images), 25 μm (right images). Nuclei were counterstained with haematoxylin (blue). Histograms of CD14 expression on FSChi/SSChi/CD45+/CD206+ cells and on FSClo/SSClo/CD45+/CD206− cells from human lung tissue lavages. FSChi/SSChi/CD45+/CD206+ cells showed little expression of CD14. FSClo/SSClo/CD45+/CD206− cells contained CD14-highly expressing cells corresponding monocytes (an arrow) [1, 2]. Specific staining, red; isotype control, gray. Fig. S2. Siglec-1 expression in human alveolar macrophages. Representative immunostaining for Siglec-1 in lung tissues of five control never-smokers (a left image) and a negative control staining with only secondary antibody (a right image). Scale bars indicate 50 μm. Table S1. Antibodies for flow cytometry. Table S2. Isotype-matched control antibodies