Additional file 1: of Deciphering the oviductal extracellular vesicles content across the estrous cycle: implications for the gametes-oviduct interactions and the environment of the potential embryo

Proteomic and Transcriptomic data of oEVs content. Contains: Table S0. All transcripts data; Table S1. Differentially expressed transcripts (DET) S2 vs S1; Table S2. DET S3 vs S1; Table S3. DET S4 vs S1; Table S4. All DET (FDR 0.001); Table S5. Top 500 mRNA TPM; Table S6. All proteins MS data; Table S7. Differentially expressed proteins (DEP); Table S8. All proteins annotation; Table S9. Small ncRNA; Table S10. miRNA; Table S11. Overlap transcripts and proteins. (XLSX 7063 kb)