Additional file 1: of Comprehensive comparison of three different animal models for systemic inflammation

Blood pressure, heart rate, body weight and body temperature. At the time point indicated, mice were sacrificed and body weights as well as body temperatures were determined. Additionally, blood pressure values and heart rates were assessed after 24 h. Data are given as mean ± standard deviation (SD); n = 4–6 for each group and time point. Statistical significance was determined by using the non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test, followed by pairwise Mann-Whitney U tests. Statistical comparisons were made versus the control of each group and are denoted as follows: LPS (asterisk, *), PCI (plus, +), CLP (diamond, #). A p value <0.05 (*,+,#) was considered statistically significant; a p value <0.01 (**,++,##) and a p value <0.001 (***,+++,###) are further specified. (TIFF 422 kb)