Additional file 1: of Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Betula platyphylla: gene organization, RNA editing, and comparative and phylogenetic analyses

Table S1. Taxa and ID of the selected species. Table S2. The related information of primers. Table S3. Taxa and ID of the selected Fagales. Table S4. Codon usage frequency and RSCU value of the B. platyphylla chloroplast genome. Table S5. Simple sequence repeats within the Betula platyphylla chloroplast genome. Table S6. Candidate polymorphic SSRs and primers. Figure S1. Amino acid composition of protein-coding gene in the B. platyphylla chloroplast genome. Figure S2. Genome coverage distribution curve of RNA-Seq.Window length: 100 nt; step size: 50 nt. Figure S3. Gene body coverage distribution curve of RNA-Seq.All genes and sequencing depth have been normalized. Figure S4. Number of classified SSR repeat types (considering sequence complementary). (DOCX 2105 kb)