Additional file 1: of Clonal relationships between lobular carcinoma in situ and other breast malignancies

Separate plots are provided for copy number comparisons of all pairs of lesions ascertained in the study, including those comparisons not presented in the main text because one or other of the tumors in the pair was considered to have insufficient quality. We used two quality metrics: percent gained or lost; 75th percentile of |height| of gains or losses (at least ten markers long) divided by the median absolute deviation of the residuals. The quality was considered to be sufficiently good if either the percent gained or lost was >10 % or if the |height| percentile was >1.75 median absolute deviation. The figures display the log ratios for each marker ordered across the genome, side by side for each tumor in the pair. The blue lines indicate regions of allelic gain, and the red lines indicate regions of allelic loss, as determined by the segmentation algorithm used [21]. (PDF 19100 kb)