Additional file 1: of Characterization and engineering of a DNA polymerase reveals a single amino-acid substitution in the fingers subdomain to increase strand-displacement activity of A-family prokaryotic DNA polymerases

SDS-PAGE analysis of semi-purified PB pol I LF and selected variants. Lane 1: Mark12™ Unstained Standard (Thermo Fisher Scientific), lane 2: D442A variant, lane 3: variant 2, lane 4: variant 3, lane 5: PB pol I LF. PB pol I LF and its variants have been purified from a 500-ml cultivation pellet by immobilized Ni2+-affinity chromatography including cleavage of the His6-tag by TEV protease. For each sample 11 μg of semi-purified protein have been loaded onto the gel. (TIF 3875 kb)