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Additional file 1: of Cardiac and autonomic function in patients with Wilson’s disease

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posted on 28.01.2019 by Silvio Quick, Ulrike Reuner, Marie Weidauer, Charlotte Hempel, Felix Heidrich, Christoph Mues, Krunoslav Sveric, Karim Ibrahim, Heinz Reichmann, Axel Linke, Uwe Speiser
Table S1 Clinical characteristics of the WD patients. Table S2 Laboratory characteristics of the studied WD patients. Table S3 Association between UWDRS and clinical characteristics. Figure S1. Comparison of SDNN-Index of WD patients and controls. *** P < 0.001. Figure S2. Comparison of Triangular Index of WD patients and controls. *** P < 0.001, ** P = 0.005, * P = 0.05. (ZIP 45 kb)