Additional file 1: of Asymmetric expression of H19 and ADIPOQ in concave/convex paravertebral muscles is associated with severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Table S1. Clinical characteristics of enrolled AIS patients. Table S2. Sequence of RNA and DNA Oligonucleotides. Table S3. Differentially expressed genes (DEG) from RNA-seq. Table S4. The miR-675-5p potential target sites in ADIPOQ transcript according to the RNA22 software. Figure S1. Representative radiographic data of the CS patients enrolled in this study. Figure S2. Similar muscle tissue rate biopsy in each side of AIS patients. Figure S3. Expression difference of H19 or ADIPOQ mRNA in paravertebral muscles of AIS patients is not associated with age at menarche and BMI. Figure S4. The relative expression of miR-675-3p in concave/convex sided paravertebral muscles and the correlation of the expression level between miR-675-3p and miR-675-5p. Figure S5. The relative expression of MSTN mRNA in a larger AIS cohort. Figure S6. CpG methylation in the promoter region of H19 showed no difference between two sides of AIS patients. Figure S7. Fatty infiltration imbalance of deep paravertebral muscles in AIS patients. (DOCX 4564 kb)