Additional file 1 of Are we preparing for collaboration, advocacy and leadership? Targeted multi-site analysis of collaborative intrinsic roles implementation in medical undergraduate curricula

Additional file 1. NKLM Objectives of Collaborator, Health Advocate and Leader/Manager in detail. This supplement includes translated full-text wordings and weightings of the objectives of three professional roles given in the NKLM framework: Collaborator (chapter 8), Health Advocate (chapter 9) and Leader/Manager (chapter 10). Competencies are displayed in dark grey, sub-competencies in light grey. The weighting of faculties is differentiated in a) tendency (high weighting, above the general median = ➚ ; low weighting, below the general median = ➘; medium weighting, on the general median = ➔) and b) agreement between faculties (100–75 - full/good agreement =; < 75–50 - major agreement =; < 50–25 - minor agreement =; < 25 - no agreement =).