Additional file: 1 of Application of NeuroTrace staining in the fresh frozen brain samples to laser microdissection combined with quantitative RT-PCR analysis

Figure S1. Visualization of neurons of ethanol-fixed and NeuroTrace-stained third ventricle (D3V) specimen under (A1) a bright field and (A2) a fluorescence radiated field. The staining of the choroid plexus is thought to be a non-specific signal commonly observed in fresh frozen samples stained with regular Nissl stains, such as Cresyl violet, and is often considered negligible as it is irrelevant to the cerebral parenchyma. (A3) Ethanol-fixed hippocampal CA1 region under a fluorescent light, left side with the NeuroTrace stain and right side without it. (B1) Ethanol-fixed and NeuroTrace-stained neurons of the hippocampal DG region (B2) before and (B3) after microdissection, indicated by red arrows. Scales bars: (A) 200 Îźm, (B1) 100 Îźm, and (B2, B3) 25 Îźm.