Additional file 1: of Anglemetry of neural axis cell differentiation genes by structural pressurotopy of DNA loop strand segment tropy in reference to tissue macro-compliance

2019-08-03T05:02:18Z (GMT) by Hemant Sarin
Table S1. Sequential episodic sub-episode block sum split-integrated weighted average gene overexpression tropy quotients to final esebssiwaagoTQ for predicted neural axis gene overexpression 1) Gene loci sub-episode block structure variations include non-contributory anisotropy (NCA), anisotropy converted to mesotropy (ACM), and/or 0.5-factor adjusted stabilizing mesotropy or anisotropy converted to stabilizing isotropy for anisotropy or mesotropy (stIAfM, stIMfA or stIMfM) that result in an initial to final SEB conversion; and 2) previously reported episode and sub-episode block structure is applied in all cases as per reference [25], in which gene/gene loci at cusps of the delineated base intervals, SHANK2 (784,883), RBFOX3 (521,757) classify into the adjacent interval. (DOC 66 kb)