Additional file 1: of Analysis of the stability and affinity of BlaR-CTD protein to β-lactam antibiotics based on docking and mutagenesis studies

Table S1. Amino acid residues within 5 Å in the active pocket. Table S2. The mutational sites with score of 1.0 predicted by SIFT. Table S3. Scoring results by PolyPhen software. Table S4. Determination of free sulfhydryl group in mutant protein. Table S5. Acitivity identification of BlaR-CTD wild-type and mutant protein using HRP-AMP. Table S6. Binding sites of I188K/S19C/G24C to β-lactam antibiotics. Figure S1. Expression of BlaR-CTD protein. Figure S2. Standard curve of cysteine based on DTNB. Figure S3. The DNA and amino acid sequences of recombinant wildtype BlaR-CTD protein. (DOCX 120 kb)