Additional file 1: of Amyloid-like aggregation of provasopressin in diabetes insipidus and secretory granule sorting

Figure S1.. Localization of wild-type provasopressin and the ∆E47 DI mutant in transfected HN10 cells. Immunofluorescence localization of wild-type (wt) provasopressin and the DI mutant precursor ∆E47 expressed in HN10 cells 48 h after transfection. Cells were costained with antibodies against provasopressin (V; blue), KDEL as an ER marker (red), and CgA as a cargo of secretory granules (green). Wild-type provasopressin is detected in granules in the neuronal extension together with CgA (filled arrowheads), whereas ∆E47 in a majority of expressing cells is found in aggregates in the ER of the cell body costained with anti-KDEL (open arrowheads). Bar: 10 μm. (TIF 1759 kb)