Additional file 1 of Allosteric inhibition of CRISPR-Cas9 by bacteriophage-derived peptides

Figure S1. Comparison of the in vitro activity of M13 and f1 phage G8PPD. Figure S2. MS analyses of the interface between SpCas9 and M13 G8PPD. Figure S3. Construction and purification of SpCas9 K1158 and K1176 mutants. Figure S4. Profile of SpCas9-induced mutations in the absence and presence of G8PPD. Figure S5. G8PPD peptides derived from inoviridae bacteriophages. Figure S6. NGS analyses of the effects of G8P pre-incubation on NmCas9 and SaCas9 in HEK293 cells. Figure S7. NGS analyses of the effects of G8Ps on the specificity of SpCas9 at HBB site in HEK293 cells. Figure S8. Cytotoxicity of CRISPR inhibitors. Figure S9. ChIP-qPCR analyses of the effects of M13 G8Ps on Cas9 binding at AAVS1 on target and pre-determined off-target sites in Hela cells.