Additional file 1: of Agrobacterium-mediated and electroporation-mediated transformation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: a comparative study

Figure S1. PCR confirmation of the presence of the Paro selectable marker. Fourteen Paro resistant colonies (1–14) obtained by co-cultivation of the cw15 strain with Agrobacterium C58C1 cells harbouring the pAgroR plasmid were analyzed by PCR for the presence of the endogenous β-tub gene (used as positive control for DNA extraction), Paro gene (selectable marker) and Kan gene (diagnostic of residual Agrobacterium contamination). Transformants 1–12 and 14 have the Paro gene, while the results on transformant 13 are inconclusive since the colony is still contaminated by Agrobacterium. Wt: cw15 strain; P: pAgroR plasmid; C+: positive cw15 transformant; C-: no DNA. M: 1 Kb Plus ladder (Life Technologies). Oligonucleotide sequences are shown in Additional file 7: Table S1. (PPTX 380 kb)