Additional file 1: of Activation of IGF1R/p110β/AKT/mTOR confers resistance to α-specific PI3K inhibition

is a figure showing BYL719 resistance in PIK3CA mutant breast cancer cells. A BYL719 resistance is reversible. BYL719 dose-response of parental and resistant lines (on or off BYL719 for 2 weeks) after 3 days of treatment. Cell numbers were evaluated using the sulforhodamide B assay. GI50 values were calculated using GraphPad Prism 6 software. Data are mean ± SEM (n >2). B pS6/S6 ratios in cells treated with DMSO or BYL719 (IC90) for 24 hours. Data are mean of pS6/S6 ratio ± SEM (n >3, *P <0.01). Immunoblots from three independent experiments have been quantified using the ImageJ software. (PDF 117 kb)