Additional file 1: of A novel R2R3-MYB from grape hyacinth, MaMybA, which is different from MaAN2, confers intense and magenta anthocyanin pigmentation in tobacco

Figure S1. Transcription activation ability of MaMybA. Yeasts transformed with the pGBKT7/MaMybA vector (positive control (pGBKT7-53 + pGADT7-T) and negative control (pGBKT7)), were each cultured in SD/-Trp media, SD/-Trp media with 40 mg mL− 1 X-α-gal, and SD/-Trp media added to 40 mg mL− 1 X-α-gal and 200 ng mL− 1 AbA. (DOCX 273 kb)