Additional file 1: of A map of gene expression in neutrophil-like cell lines

Comparison of cell surface marker expression with different differentiation protocols. PLB-985 cells were differentiated into a neutrophil-like state by culturing in media supplemented with 1.3% DMSO and 2 μM ATRA for 4 days, 1.3% DMSO and 2 μM ATRA for 6 days, 0.5% DMF for 6 days, 1 μM ATRA for 6 days, 2 μM ATRA for 6 days, or 0.5% DMF and 2 μM ATRA for 6 days. Undifferentiated cells were also analyzed. Cells were stained with an antibody against CD11b, chosen as an early differentiation marker (a), or with FLPEP (a fluorescent ligand of FPR1), as a late differentiation marker (b). (c) PLB-985 cells differentiated for 6 days with either 1.3% DMSO, 1.3% DMSO and 2% Nutridoma-CS, 0.5% DMF and 2 μM ATRA, or dbcAMP were mixed in suspension with pHrodo Green-labeled dead Staphylococcus aureus bioparticles for 2 hours at 37 degrees. Phagocytosis of the particles was then analyzed by cytometry and data was analyzed using MATLAB. (PDF 162 kb)