Additional file 1: Table S1. of Transcriptomics of liver and muscle in Holstein cows genetically divergent for fertility highlight differences in nutrient partitioning and inflammation processes

Liver Differentially Expressed Gene Data; XLSX workbooks with 6 sheets: (i) “1N_vs_1P.sig”, (ii) “2N_vs_2P.sig”, (iii) “3N_vs_3P.sig” contain differentially expressed genes between FertN and FertP cows at time-points 1,2,3 respectively, (iv) “in_all_TP” are genes found DE in all time-points, (v) fpkms_X are the full FPKMs for each gene in the tissue, (vi) “DAVID_annotation_LP_EL_ML_X” are annotations from DAVID per time-point, specifying each term found significantly enriched for genes, and the DE genes with an arrow to indicate direction of dysregulation, down being lower expression in FertP. (XLSX 15 mb)