Additional file 1: Table S1. of Transcriptomic and proteomic insights into innate immunity and adaptations to a symbiotic lifestyle in the gutless marine worm Olavius algarvensis

Summary of transcriptome sequencing. Table S2. Summary of transcriptome assembly and protein database. Table S3. Total protein of symbionts from fresh compared to starved whole worms. Table S4. Expression patterns of typical intestinal proteases in other animals. Table S5. High similarity of host digestive proteins to earthworm midgut enzymes. Table S6. Similarity of host digestive glucosidases to intestinal glucosidases of other animals. Table S7. O. algarvensis giant extracellular hemoglobin sequences. Table S9. Hemerythrin expression in annelids. Table S10. Host c-type lectins with similarity to known immune lectins. Table S11. Host SRCR proteins with similarity to SRCR proteins involved in immune processes. Table S12. Host Toll-like receptor sequences. Table S13. Toll immune signaling pathway in Olavius. Figure S1. Transcriptome annotation statistics. Figure S2: Hydrophobicity cluster analysis plots of annelid hemoglobin chains. Figure S3. Domain structures of proteins with scavenger domains. (DOCX 920 kb)