Additional file 1: Table S1. of Progression of pathology in PINK1-deficient mouse brain from splicing via ubiquitination, ER stress, and mitophagy changes to neuroinflammation

Global transcriptome profile of Pink1 −/− brain regions (C = cerebellum, M = midbrain, S = striatum) across the mouse lifespan (6 W = 6 weeks, 24 W = 24 weeks = 6 months, 18 M = 18 months), showing all expression dysregulations which were consistent in all regions at all ages with significance (multiple testing adjusted p value <0.05). ID identifies the Affymetrix microarray chip probe. AveExpr quantifies the average expression strength among the tissues and ages for each transcript. F, P value, and AdjPvalue refer to statistical values. For each column, 3 mutant versus 3 WT tissues were analyzed to represent a specific brain region and age. (XLS 27 kb)