Additional file 1: Table S1. of Pacbio sequencing of copper-tolerant Xanthomonas citri reveals presence of a chimeric plasmid structure and provides insights into reassortment and shuffling of transcription activator-like effectors among X. citri strains

Repeat Variable Di-residues (RVDs) of different groups of TALEs from X. citri strains sequenced using pacbio sequencing strategy including Xc-03-1638-1-1. The TALEs have been grouped in three types, pthA2/3 type, with two subgroups as pthA2 and pthA3; pthA4 type and pthA1 type. Note the residues highlighted for TALEs in Xc-03-1638-1-1 show chimeric version of pthA2/3 type upon comparing RVDs. (XLS 27 kb)