Additional file 1: Table S1. of Lack of direct evidence for natural selection at the candidate thrifty gene locus, PPARGC1A

Fourteen previously detected combinations of populations and genes from Voight et al. (2006) were analysed using the selscan software package (Szpiech and Hernandez 2014) as positive controls to provide insight into possible power of detection of signatures of selection. Seven of the previously detected 14 associations were repeated, where we defined evidence of selection as >1 SNP exceeding the 5% threshold of iHS values. For two genes (LCT in both CEU and GBR populations and SLC44A5 in CHS and CHB populations) showed evidence of selection in populations with similar ancestry (Caucasian and Asian, respectively). Evidence of selection for one other gene (SNTG1) was observed in only one of two populations with the same ethnicity. (DOCX 25 kb)