Additional file 1: Table S1. of Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of the Chinese Maotai-flavored liquor yeast MT1 revealed its unique multi-carbon co-utilization

2015-12-15T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Xiaowei Lu Qun Wu Yan Zhang Yan Xu
Statistics of the SNPs and Indels among the MT1 Chromosomes. Table S2. Annotation of SNPs. Table S3. Annotation of Indels. Table S4. Copy Number Variations (CNVs) between MT1 and S288c. Table S5. Functions of the missed genes. Figure S1. Statistical analysis on the number of contigs with identity <95 % in the amino acid levels. Figure S2. Analysis of two BIO genes present in the LI genome, but not in the S288c genome. A: Schematic organization of two relevant segments from MT1-contig40, S288c-Chr.IX and K7-Chr.IX; B: Dot Matrix Comparison maps of the DNA sequences between BIO1-MT1/BIO6-MT1 and BIO1-Ref/BIO6-Ref; C: Dot Matrix Comparison maps of the protein sequences between BIO1-MT1/BIO6-MT1 and BIO1-Ref/BIO6-Ref. Figure S3. A: Colinearity analysis of Chr. I. The same Locally Collinear Block is represented by same color and vertical lines represent the same LCB; The height of internal vertical lines in LCB on behalf of the level of sequence consistency; Blank in one strain stands for the region does not exist in the other. B: PCR profiles of the 25Kb fragment specific to S288c which was divided into 4 small segments (S1, S2, S3, S4). In addition, 26S rDNA gene was detected as the positive control. M: DNA maker of 5000 bp. (DOC 849 kb)