Additional file 1: Table S1. of GBS-based single dosage markers for linkage and QTL mapping allow gene mining for yield-related traits in sugarcane

Bowtie2 alignment results of 3,103,708 million GBS tags in absolute and relative (in parentheses) values. Table S2. Markers selected as cofactors for mapping through the composite interval mapping (CIM) model for the soluble solid content (BRIX, in °Brix), sucrose content of cane (POL%C, in %), fiber content (FIB, in %) and stalk diameter (SD, in mm) traits for the locations Araras-SP and Ipaussu-SP. Figure S1. Genetic map of sugarcane that was generated with a population of 151 full sibs that originated from a commercial cross between the cultivars SP80-3280 and RB835486. The linkage groups (LGs) were separated into 18 homo(eo)logous groups (HGs). The numbers on the left of the LGs are the cumulative genetic distances in Kosambi centimorgans. The marker names are shown on the right. Markers corresponding to each sorghum chromosome are highlighted in different colors. (DOCX 2545 kb)