Additional file 1: Table S1. of Family level variation in Wolbachia-mediated dengue virus blocking in Aedes aegypti

Primers and probes used for qPCR gene detection. Gene IDs taken from VectorBase and UniProt. Figure S1. Head DENV loads correlate with Carcass DENV loads. DENV loads in the head were directly correlated to the same individual’s DENV loads in the carcass using Pearson’s correlation. Each dot depicts an individual either WT (blue, filled circles) or wMel-infected (green, filled squares). Figure S2. Head DENV loads negatively correlate with Wolbachia loads. Individual DENV loads were directly correlated to the same individual’s Wolbachia loads using Pearson’s correlation. Each square depicts an individual. Figure S3. Wolbachia loads after viral injection. No significant differences in Wolbachia levels were observed between media-injected mosquitoes (black) and virus-injected mosquitoes (green). Figure S4. Interaction plots on the expression of the four tested genes. Parallel lines show no-interaction occurring between main effects DENV Load (High/Low) and Wolbachia (+/−) (a, c). Non-parallel lines show strong interaction (b, d). (PDF 512 kb)