Additional file 1: Table S1. of Dynamics of transcriptional (re)-programming of syncytial nuclei in developing muscles

Number of Mef2- and RFP-positive nuclei in dorsolateral, lateral and ventral muscles in stage 15 embryos. The numbers of RFP- and Mef2-positive nuclei were determined in the DA3 using col ECRM -H2bRFP; col LCRM -moeGFP embryos; in the DT1, the LO1 and the VA2, using col ECRM -H2bRFP; S59-mcd8GFP embryos; and in the four LT muscles, using col ECRM -H2bRFP; UAS-mcd8GFP ; Kr GMR80H11 -Gal4 embryos, stained for GFP, RFP and Mef2. For each muscle, the average number of nuclei ± standard deviation, minimum and maximum number of nuclei are given (n = 30). (PDF 287 kb)