Additional file 1: Table S1. of Disability in long-term care residents explained by prevalent geriatric syndromes, not long-term care home characteristics: a cross-sectional study

(Disablement Process Model definitions and examples); Table S2. (Items and Possible Responses in the RAI-MDS ADL Long Form Scale); Table S3. (Chronic Conditions and Diagnostic Criteria Used to Identify them in Claims and Health Assessment Databases); Table S4. (Geriatric Syndromes and Diagnostic Criteria Used to Identify them in the CCRS Database); Table S5. (All Variable Coefficient Estimates from Models 1 and 2); Table S6. (Model 1 Excluding Chronic Conditions, Geriatric Syndromes); Table S7. (All Variable Coefficient Estimates from Stratified Versions of Model 1); Table S8. (Sensitivity of Model 1 Findings to Unmeasured LTCH Variables and Lack of adjustment for Long-Term Care Homes); Table S9. (Sensitivity of Model 1 Findings to Coding of Chronic Conditions); Table S10. (Sensitivity of Model 2 Findings to Exclusion of Admission Assessments). (DOCX 87 kb)