Additional file 1: Table S1. of Chloroplast proteome response to drought stress and recovery in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Nucleotide sequence of primers used for qRT-PCR analyses. Figure S1. Representative 2D-DIGE showing the resolution of about 2600 protein spots from tomato chloroplasts in IEF using pH 3-10 NL 18 cm strips, followed by 12% T SDS-PAGE. Spot visualization was obtained with a Typhoon fluorescence scanner. Differentially represented spots further subjected to nLC-ESI-LIT-MS/MS analysis are highlighted. A Cy-2 labeled pooled sample mixture was used as an internal standard for quantitative measurements. Table S2. Listed are data referring to spot number, NCBI protein accession number, protein description, MASCOT score value, theoretical and experimental molecular mass and pI values, total and unique peptides detected, sequence coverage (%), EMPAI score value, fold change in drought stressed plants with respect to control, and fold change in recovered drought stressed plants with respect to well-watered control of the same age. In addition, data referring to protein spots not showing significant quantitative variations are reported in italics and are highlighted in green. Protein species showing either an incoherent quantitative trend or a constant trend among the experimental conditions are highlighted in blue. (PDF 2377 kb)