Additional file 1: Table S1. of Changes in hormone flux and signaling in white spruce (Picea glauca) seeds during the transition from dormancy to germination in response to temperature cues

Description of genes and primer pairs used for qPCR. Figure S1. Profiles of cytokinins and their metabolites in seeds of white spruce (as determined by UPLC/ESI-MS/MS) during moist-chilling at 3 °C (0, 10, and 21 d), and during germination (6, 24 and 80 h) and seedling growth (9 d). Each data point is the average of two biological replicates. cis-ZR, cis-Zeatin riboside; iPR, Isopentenyladenine roboside; cis-ZOG, cis-Zeatin-O-glucoside. Figure S2. Transcript levels of various marker genes at 6, 24, and 80 h following transfer of seeds to standard germination conditions (i.e. 8-h photoperiod and 30/20 °C) (black bars), constant darkness with a 30/20 °C cycle (light grey bars), or constant 3 °C with an 8-h photoperiod (dark grey bars). Each data point is the average of three biological replicates. Bars indicate the SEM. Figure S3. C(t) values for all three reference genes across studied time-points. Figure S4. Repeatability of hormone quantification analyses. Note: variation between two experimental replicates in four metabolites (IAA-Asp, IAA, PA, and ABA) was distinguished by colours in the panel. (DOCX 475 kb)