Additional file 1: Table S1A. of Single-walled carbon nanotubes modulate pulmonary immune responses and increase pandemic influenza a virus titers in mice

All mouse weight during 7-day experiment in grams (Mean ± SD). S1B. All mouse weight loss during 7-day experiment as % change from day 0 (Mean ± SD). Table S2. Primer sets used in this study. Figure. S1. Characterization of SWCNT. Hydrodynamic radii plot of SG65i dialyzed SWCNT used in all experiments. All experiments were performed at 37 oC. Figure S2. NIRF of lung tissues among animals in control and IAV only group. Mouse lung H&E stained tissue sections from a (A) control and (B) IAV exposed animal and corresponding NIRF image, 400X. (PDF 879 kb)