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Additional file 1: Table A1. of A population-based study of chronic hepatitis C in immigrants and non-immigrants in Quebec, Canada

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posted on 13.02.2017, 05:00 by Christina Greenaway, Laurent Azoulay, Robert Allard, Joseph Cox, Viet Tran, Claire Abou Chakra, Russ Steele, Marina Klein
Worldbank classification for countries. Table A2. List of ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes used to identify co-morbidities. Table A3. Unweighted vs. Weighted Cumulative incidence of HCV cases per year (1998–2008). Table A4. Demographic Characteristics of Linked and Unlinked cases (1991–2008). Table A5. Annual Frequency and Rates of all Reported HCV Cases in the MADO database (1991–2008). Figure A1. Rates of all reported Chronic Hepatitis C cases per year stratified by sex. (DOCX 66 kb)


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