Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Vimentin and Ki67 expression in circulating tumour cells derived from castrate-resistant prostate cancer

Validation of vimentin and Ki67 staining using the CellSearch platform. Figure S2. Prognostic impact of total CTC in two cohorts of patients with CRPC. Figure S3. Prognostic impact of vimentin/Ki67 CTC proportions and their presence in the unfavourable subgroup. Important validation work performed to justify subsequent experiments and conclusions. Figure S1. details the optimisation on CellSearch of Vimentin and Ki67 antibodies. Figure S2. shows that prognostic analysis of total CTC (regardless of vimentin and Ki67 measurements) is consistent with previous reports. Figure S3. shows that there is no prognostic significance of KI67 or vimentin CTC in the unfavourable prognosis subgroup, and that proportion of Ki67- or vimentin-CTC is less prognostically important than their presence or absence. (PDF 1030 kb)