Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Induction of autophagy by ARHI (DIRAS3) alters fundamental metabolic pathways in ovarian cancer models

Growth of parental and ARHI-transfected SKOv3 and Hey cells. Effect of Dox treatment on the growth of parental and ARHI-transfected SKOv3 and Hey cells at 24 and 48 h. Western analysis of the effect of ARHI expression on LC3I and LC3II is also presented. Figure S2. Western analysis of GLUT1 expression following ARHI induction. Figure S3. Analysis of ARHI expression and autophagy markers during Atg5 knockdown. Effect of Atg5 knockdown on LC3I and LC3II levels during ARHI expression in SKOv3-ARHI cells. Immunofluorescence of SKOv3-ARHI cells transfected with GFP-LC3 following ARHI induction with and without Atg5 knockdown. Figure S4. Western analysis of LDH and CK expression following ARHI induction. Figure S5. Induction of ARHI expression in vivo. Expression of ARHI and LC3 in subcutaneous SKOv3-ARHI tumors at 24-72 h post-treatment with Dox. Figure S6. Expression of ACC and Phsopho-ACC by RPPA. Figure S7. Fractional 13C label incorporation from 5-13C-Gln in SKOv3-ARHI. The fractional incorporation of the glutamine 13C label into NMR-observable intracellular metabolites following induction of ARHI. (PDF 867 kb)