Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Ectopically expressing MdPIP1;3, an aquaporin gene, increased fruit size and enhanced drought tolerance of transgenic tomatoes

The expression of SlPIP1s and SlPIP2s under normal and drought conditions in wild type and transgenic tomato plants ectopically expressing MdPIP1;3. The semi-quantitative RT-PCR was conducted to check the expression of SlPIP1s (SlPIP1;2, Solyc03g096290.2.1; SlPIP1;3, Solyc08g008050.2.1; SlIP1;5, Solyc01g103270.2.1) and SlPIP2s (SlPIP2;1, Solyc06g011350.2.1; SlPIP2;5, Solyc02g083510.2.1; SlPIP2;7, Solyc01g111660.2.1) in the three transgenic tomato lines ectopically expressing MdPIP1;3 and wild type seedlings before and 4 h after drought treatment, respectively. It is obviously that all the aquaporin genes were induced by drought stress. But there isn’t any difference in expression of these genes between wild type and transgenic tomato plants. (TIFF 67 kb)