Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Dual transcriptome of the immediate neutrophil and Candida albicans interplay

Purity analysis of neutrophil isolation. Cellular composition after Percoll gradient purification (A). Neutrophils (CD11b+MHCII−): 91.8%, monocytes (CD14+): 0%, T cells (CD3+): 0.7%, DC (CD11c+): 0.1%, B cells (CD19+): 0%, other cells (predominantly FSCint SSCHi eosinophils): 7.4%. Three multi-color staining panels were used: CD3-FITC, CD19-PE and CD14-APC to distinguish T- and B-cells as well as monocytes; HLA-DP/DQ/DR-FITC and CD11b-Pacific Blue™ for neutrophils and CD11b-Pacific Blue™, CD11c-FITC for DCs. FACS blots of gating strategies used (B). Results from one representative of 5 independent experiments shown. (TIFF 1323 kb)