Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Autophagy-independent function of Atg1 for apoptosis-induced compensatory proliferation

Specificity of dATG1 antibodies and dAtg1 RNAi . (A) dAtg1 transcript levels were determined by qPCR from total RNA extracted from eye discs without (control) or with expression of dAtg1RNAi driven by ey > GAL4. dAtg1 RNAi suppresses dAtg1 transcript levels to less than 30 %. Error bars represent SD of three biological repeats. (B, B’) A hh > dAtg1 RNAi wing disc labeled with dATG1 antibodies (red in B, grey in B’). Expression of dAtg1 is strongly reduced in the posterior compartment (GFP+) where dAtg1 RNAi is expressed. (C, C’) A GMR > dAtg1 eye disc labeled with dATG1 antibodies (red in C, grey in C’). ATG1 antibodies specifically recognize dATG1 proteins expressed in the GMR domain (GFP+). (TIF 1956 kb)