Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Adipose tissue-derived stem cells suppress hypertrophic scar fibrosis via the p38/MAPK signaling pathway

Characterization of mouse adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (mADSCs) in vitro. (A) Isolated mADSCs presented a short fusiform morphology under light field microscope. (B) Flow cytometry results show that mADSCs were positive for the mesenchymal stem cell markers CD29 (99.09 %), CD44 (97.17 %), and CD106 (65.55 %), but were negative for the hematopoietic stem cell markers CD31 (1.06 %) and CD45 (5.26 %). (C–D) Oil Red O and Alizarin Red S staining were used to confirm adipogenic and osteogenic differentiations, respectively. Scale bar = 50 μm. (TIF 5839 kb)