Additional file 1: Figure S1. of A novel strain of cynomolgus macaque cytomegalovirus: implications for host-virus co-evolution

Map of ORFs in CyCMV Mauritius genome. CyCMV Mauritius encodes 290 putative ORFs that are annotated by gene name and colour coded based on gene families. Of the CyCMV Mauritius ORFs, 268 (92 %) share homologues with CyCMV Ottawa, 239 share homologues with RhCMV 68–1 (82 %), and 158 (54 %) share homologs with HCMV strains. CyCMV Mauritius like RhCMV but unlike CyCMV Ottawa or HCMV contains ORFs with homology to COX-2. CyCMV ORFs with an HCMV homologue are annotated by “Cy” followed by the HCMV name. Arrowheads indicate the directions of the ORFs. Core genes are herpes virus core genes. (PDF 4584 kb)