Additional file 19: of Cytolytic activity correlates with the mutational burden and deregulated expression of immune checkpoints in colorectal cancer

Table S10. CIBERSORT analysis results depict the fractional representations of 22 hematopoietic cell types present in the gene expression profile of each cytolytic subset in colon (COAD) and rectal (READ) cancers, respectively. Columns represent cell types from the signature genes file and rows represent deconvolution results for each tumor sample in each cytolytic subgroup. Filtering was set at p = 0.05 with 1000 permutations during analysis. All results are reported as relative fractions normalized to 1 across all cell subsets. P-value: Statistical significance of the deconvolution result across all cell subsets; useful for filtering out results with a poor “goodness of fit”. Correlation: Pearson’s correlation coefficient (R), generated from comparing the original mixture with the estimated mixture, the latter of which is calculated using imputed cell fractions and corresponding expression profiles from the signature genes file. Of note, the correlation is restricted to signature genes. RMSE: Root mean squared error between the original mixture and the imputed mixture, restricted to genes in the signature gene file. (XLSX 10 kb)