Additional file 19: of Comparative genomics revealed the gene evolution and functional divergence of magnesium transporter families in Saccharum

The exon-intron structures of MGT genes in sugarcane, sorghum, maize, millet, green bristle grass and rice. The corresponding exons with similar sequences based on sequence alignments were indicated with solid lines. Sequence similarity values are shown as percentage. Exons that had experienced exon gain events are labeled with blue box, and exonization/ pseudoexonization events are labeled with red box. For gene IDs, Ss indicates S. spontaneum, Sh indicates Saccharum hybrids, Sb indicates Sorghum bicolor, GRMZM indicates Zea mays, Seita indicates Setaria italic, Sevir indicates Setaria viridis and Os indicates Oryza sativa. A. SsMGT7, B. SsMGT8. (PDF 13824 kb)