Additional file 18: of Deep proteomic network analysis of Alzheimer’s disease brain reveals alterations in RNA binding proteins and RNA splicing associated with disease

Figure S11. Alternative Exon-Exon Junction Peptide Quantitation in TMT-LysC and LFQ-trypsin Analyses. The relationship between the number of quantifiable alternative exon-exon junction (alt-EEjxn) peptides at a given threshold of missing values in the 47 brain samples from the BLSA cohort for TMT-LysC and LFQ-trypsin analyses is shown, without regard to case group. Also shown is the number of alt-EEjxn peptides quantified by TMT-LysC that had a LFQ-trypsin cognate peptide, as well as the number of alt-EEjxn peptides quantified by LFQ-trypsin that had a cognate TMT-LysC peptide. The point at 23 samples represents the 50% missingness threshold. (PDF 89 kb)