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Additional file 18: Table S13. of Dynamics of transcriptional (re)-programming of syncytial nuclei in developing muscles

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posted on 09.06.2017 by Laetitia Bataillé, Hadi Boukhatmi, Jean-Louis Frendo, Alain Vincent
Percentage of dots and nuclei localised in the antero-ventral, central and postero-dorsal DA3 subdomains. Spatial coordinates of nuclei and transcriptional dots were acquired on col LCRM -moeGFP late stage 14 embryos stained for GFP and Col. FISH were with intronic probes. For each gene, the percentage of dots localised in antero-ventral (Relative Delta Y < –1), postero-dorsal (Relative Delta X > 1) or central (Relative Delta X < 1 and Relative Delta Y > –1) position are shown; 25 muscles were analysed for each condition, the corresponding total number of spots (or nuclei) is indicated. (PDF 145 kb)


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