Additional file 15: Table S9. of Genome-wide transcriptome profiling reveals functional networks involving the Plasmodium falciparum drug resistance transporters PfCRT and PfMDR1

Genes (A-F, I-K) and gene sets (G-H, L-M) differentially expressed in the pfcrt data set. For each pairwise comparison, 7G8 vs 7G8 pfcrt_CTL , 7G8 vs 7G8 pfcrt_T76K , and 7G8 pfcrt_CTL vs 7G8 pfcrt_T76K , we listed genes with significant differential expression, i.e. with a fold change greater than 1.5 and a normalized fold change two standard deviations above the median values. We listed the gene sets significantly enriched and depleted in 7G8 in comparison with both 7G8 pfcrt_CTL and 7G8 pfcrt_T76K , and in 7G8 and 7G8 pfcrt_CTL in comparison to 7G8 pfcrt_T76K . (XLSX 48 kb)