Additional file 15: Table S7. of Genetic analysis of variation in lifespan using a multiparental advanced intercross Drosophila mapping population

RNAseq candidates within mapped QTL. The “QTL” column refers to the five QTL mapped in this study (see Table 1), and “FBgn”, “GeneSymbol”, “Cytological”, “Position_R6”, all give information on the gene. The “RNAseq_Expt” column states which study the gene was found to be differentially expressed in, “Contrast” gives the statistical test in which the gene was identified, and “ExpressionResult” gives the direction of the expression change. The “AgingCandidate” column states whether the gene is a known aging gene (see Table 2), and the “RNAseqOverlap” column gives the number of array-based expression studies identifying the gene as showing an age-related change in gene expression. (TXT 5 kb)