Additional file 14: of Conserved and specific features of Streptococcus pyogenes and Streptococcus agalactiae transcriptional landscapes

Figure S6. DNA sequence alignment and structure prediction of the 5′ UTR of tuf encoding the EF-TU factor. The DNA sequences of rpmH 5′ UTR in ten streptococci were extracted from NCBI sequence database. The 5′ UTR sequence was predicted by checking for the presence of a potential − 10 box 7–9 nt upstream of the first nucleotide. Alignment and folding prediction were performed by using LocARNA ( ). Compatible base pairs are colored, where the hue shows the number of different types C-G, G-C, A-U, U-A, G-U or U-G of compatible base pairs in the corresponding columns. The saturation decreases with the number of incompatible base pairs. Accession numbers: S. agalactiae: NC_004368.1; S. dysgalactiae: CP002215.1; S. gallolyticus: CP013688.1; S. mitis: CP014326.1; S. pneumoniae: CP016633.2; S. salivarius: CP014144.1; S. suis: NC_012926.1; S. thermophilus: CP016877; S. equi: LS483325.1. (PDF 495 kb)