Additional file 14: Figure S12. of Imaging the mammary gland and mammary tumours in 3D: optical tissue clearing and immunofluorescence methods

Compatibility of SeeDB clearing with genetically encoded FPs and recovery for histological sections. a SeeDB clearing of tissue from virgin R26-Confetti mice with reporter expression (nuclear GFP, cytosolic YFP and cytosolic RFP) induced at very low, sporadic levels. Membranous CFP was not observed with any clearing protocol and may be technical; however, this FP is also reportedly underrepresented in mammary tissue from R26-Confetti mice. b Tissue from lactating R26-Tdtomato mice induced at very high levels. c SeeDB-cleared tissue was rehydrated in PBS prior to standard processing, paraffin embedding and sectioning. Immunostaining for K8 (luminal) and SMA (basal) markers confirm the compatibility of SeeDB clearing with tissue recovery and immunostaining. See Additional file 18 for a high resolution version of these PDFs. (PDF 154 mb)