Additional file 13: of Predominant gut Lactobacillus murinus strain mediates anti-inflammaging effects in calorie-restricted mice

Effects of L. murinus on the egg-laying schedules, brood size and lifespan of C. elegans. Worms were synchronized L4-stage larvae at day 0. The egg-laying schedules and brood sizes of worms fed 9:1 or 1:1 mixture of E. coli OP50 and a L. murinus CR141 or b L. murinus CR147. Data are shown as mean ± s.e.m. c Survival curves of C. elegans fed a 9:1 mixture of E. coli OP50 and L. murinus compared with the lifespan of the worms fed OP50 alone. Each mNGM plate contained 10 mg of bacteria (wet weight). Differences were assessed by unpaired t test (two-tailed) (a, b) or log-rank test (c). N indicates the number of worms per group. (TIFF 646 kb)